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Our Mission: Achieving Excellence

As you walk into one of our classrooms, you'll hear a buzz of noise as students work in groups around the room. The atmosphere is inquisitive and engaged as the students tackle tasks that challenge them to think for themselves in a way that they have not done before. Every child is participating fully; some are leading, others questioning, all are integrated into a learning community.

They are communicating confidently with each other using precise terms and happily recording their thoughts on paper or capturing their work in a photo to be included in their electronic write up. The pupils are at ease in this stimulating environment and feel supported enough to try out a new approach, not afraid to fail, secure in the knowledge that they will move on and continue to learn from each experience.

One student asks their teacher for an answer. The teacher smiles, and replies with a question. The student frowns, thinks for a moment, then smiles to themself and pursues a different avenue which yields a solution. The student grins when they next catch the teacher's eye.

Ask one of our pupils what they are doing and they can not only tell you what but why and, furthermore, they know what steps they need to make to improve their performance to the next level. They take the lead in their own learning and accept responsibility for their own achievement.

In every classroom across the campus children are challenged to become the very best they can be. This is what Achieving Excellence looks like in our School.

JIS Brunei Alumni: Why LinkedIn?

Why not just have a group on Facebook, or have a database in school? Surely everyone is already on Facebook, or a the database in school could be customised to exactly what we need! There is a whole bunch of reasons why my vision for a JIS Alumni organisation sits best on LinkedIn; I will do my best to take you through some of them:

  • A professional environment for an organisation of professionals

I reckon Facebook is the right place for photographs of your personal life. I envisage the Alumni pages be a place where we share professional information about what we have been doing in a more public arena. Maybe you link up with JIS contacts on Facebook a little further down the line once your friendship moves beyond business.

Buckle Up!

You may well have heard the buckle up song on the Kristal FM. This brilliant campaign is sponsored by SC Tubular solutions and is tackling the issue of in car safety by asking people to wear their seatbelts.

The fabulous JIS Junior School Choir have recorded this memorable song reworked by Mrs Hogan that you hear in the mornings:

Beginning of term assembly

Term 3 Assembly

Be the Best that you can Be

The challenge that I have set the students this term is to do something new. To step beyond that which they have done already and appreciate that they have the potential to achieve whatever they set their heart on as long as they apply themselves consistently. The story centres on a young man that I have watched grow up, who faced real battles but has achieved amazing things.

Eclipse in March

As a Physicist, I am very excited about the eclipse of the Sun which is approaching in March. Galileo was one of the first scientists to use a telescope and he learned to his cost, the dangers of looking at the Sun. It is a magnificent event, a real chance to appreciate the workings of our Solar System. If you would like to find out how to follow this great event safely, there are complete instructions below.

Aerial Video

It's really hard to describe JIS to someone that has not been here. My friends frequently think that I must be making it all up. I think this video give the best perspective yet of what the place feels like. Please do enjoy it and use it to show your friends and family what JIS is really like.

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